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Saturday, May 7th
                 July 9th

Sunday- May 8th
             July 10th

Friday- May 6th 
            July 8th

7:30-8:45 Check In

9:00am 50cc race 1 (30 min)

9:40am 50cc race 2 (30 min)

10:30am 65cc, 85cc Jr. & Sr., Girls Race, Super Mini, Farm boy (60 min)

12:00pm Men's/Women's Open C, Vintage, Schoolboy, Masters (90 min)

2:30pm Awards

2:50pm -3:30pm Check in

4:00 pm A/B Race
   A race- 3 hours, B race 2 hours

8:00 pm A/B Awards

"Clean Up" Day- Ride the course and grab some flags. 

Check In- 5:00-7:30pm

6:00-8:00 Family Ride $10

5:30-6:00 Kids Course with adult if needed. 

Have to be on course by 7:00!

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